Fun Food Fridays: Green Chili Pulled Pork

Back in January, I hosted a party and served Orange Sangria. In that article, I also mentioned that my main dish was Green Chili Pulled Pork. Since then, I’ve had several requests for the recipe!

Now, I make this in the slow cooker so it’s not technically a camping recipe. But, the next time I go camping, I’m going to try it in a Dutch oven! And, since it heats up well, I think it would be a great dinner to cook before you go and then just heat it up in camp.


  • Pork roast (not too lean, and if the fat is marbled through, it’s better)
  • 2-3 cloves garlic (my garlic is from my very own garden!)
  • No stick cooking spray (I use PAM)
  • 2 cans Herdez Salsa Verde


Peel the garlic cloves and cut each clove into 2 or 3 pieces, depending on the size of the clove. Make a few slits in the pork roast and shove the garlic cloves into the roast.

The farther in you shove the garlic, the better!

Just be sure you don’t make too MANY slits in the roast since the juice will run out through each slit!

Spray the slow cooker with your no-stick spray. Put the roast in and pour just a few teaspoons of water into the bottom of the slow cooker. Just enough so there’s a thin skim of water on the bottom but not so much the roast is sitting in water! Cook on high for 2-4 hours or until the roast is fully cooked.

Now comes the shredding!

Of course, cooking times will depend on the size of your roast and what “high” means on YOUR cooker. I don’t usually cook it on slow since I’m always in a hurry to get it done.

When the meat is fully cooked, remove it from the slow cooker and let it “rest”. When it’s cool enough to handle, shred the roast. You can keep or discard the fat, depending on your preferences.

That’s the part I HATE: shredding! I usually DO keep a bit of the fat for flavor but I discard most of it.

Drain the juice (and bits) from the slow cooker but keep it to the side since you might need a bit.

Return the shredded meat to the pot and add the Herdez Salsa Verde. I always use two cans! You might need to add a bit of the cooking juice back to the pot as well, depending on if the meat is dry.

The finished product!

Heat through on low or warm. Serve with flour tortillas, beans, and rice.

A Note About The Salsa:

There’s a reason I’m recommending a specific brand of salsa here. When I make this, I actually use home-made tomatillo salsa from my garden and the Herdez is the closest to my recipe. That’s because the Herdez Salsa Verde is made from tomatillos, onion, and serrano peppers and not a whole lot else. It’s got a great flavor without being knock-you-down spicy.

(My home-made salsa is all home-grown tomatillos, garlic, jalapenos. Blend and freeze!)

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2 Responses to “Fun Food Fridays: Green Chili Pulled Pork”

  • Bill Bresee (Capt Biggins):

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I put my own spin on it and used cans of Rotel Mexican Lime & Cilantro Diced Tomatoes with Lime Juice & Cilanto instead of your Herdez Salsa Verdi.

  • Kim:

    Capt Biggins —

    That sounds really yummy! I’ll have to try it that way as well. I’m making this recipe again this weekend but I’ll be using my homemade salsa! Affiliate Link
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