Video: Find Your Geocache

Video: Extreme Geocaching

I wanted to share with you my first-ever video about geocaching! (And, no, it’s isn’t a “what is geocaching?” type of video!)

In this video, I show how I went after the Summer Lovin’ geocache in Lake Mary. And trust me, swimming after a cache is NOT what you expect.


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4 Responses to “Video: Find Your Geocache”

  • Take A Hike!:

    Great video Kim! You’re my hero. My wife’s idea of camping is a Motel Six, so to see a woman trying something pretty extreme in the wilderness is quite refreshing! I also appreciate the fact that you posted the video even tho you didn’t find the cache. Don’t matter to me, cause we both know it’s the adventure of attempting the find that is the most fun. Carry on!

  • Great video! Your brave for going in that murky water!! Hopefully the cache owner checks on it soon….

    Bummer about the flashlight :-/ it needed a wrist strap or something!

  • Kim:

    ErikaJean —

    Thanks! I didn’t feel very brave at the time. And as for the wrist strap — yeah, it HAD one. It just wasn’t tightened around my wrist enough! No worries, ESP Boss isn’t mad at me (anymore!)

  • Kim:

    Take A Hike!

    Thanks for your comment. I was disappointed that I didn’t find the cache but I figured that it was good to show that adventures don’t ALWAYS work out. My family watches one of the outdoor channels a lot and it seems like they ALWAYS fill the tag, shoot the monster deer, catching loads of big fish… I wanted to show something a bit more “real”. It wasn’t fun, I didn’t find it, and it was scary.

    Maybe try working your wife into adventures by starting with day trips and then camping in a highly developed campground. Good luck! Affiliate Link
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