Mystery Mondays: Camping at Dead Horse Ranch State Park

If there’s one thing I LOVE about my job at, it’s getting to participate in all the fun outdoor recreation adventures. This past weekend I got to camp (in a tent in November!), kayak (with otters), geocache, hike, and fish. All at Dead Horse Ranch State Park near Cottonwood, Arizona.

Now, the interesting thing about this state park is that it’s just barely out of town but feels like its miles away from anywhere. As you can see from the campground, there isn’t a lot of shade and you’re pretty close to your neighbors. BUT, what it lacks in charm, the park more than makes up for in amenities.

Dead Horse Campground

This was CodeWolf’s first camping trip with the “Royal” Family. And his second introduction to camping period, so I wanted to take him someplace that wasn’t too rustic. The RV had power and water hookups (but we were in a tent!) There were flush toilets and hot showers (which didn’t actually HAVE any hot water!) And, we only had to make two trips to Walmart for supplies.

One of the highlights of the trip was getting to fish at one of the park’s two lagoons. They’re fed from the Verde River and stocked with catfish, bass, bluegill, and trout. The secret gotta-have-it-bait? Nightcrawlers!

catfish and bass

I was the big fishing “winner” catching a bass, catfish, and bluegill.

I also learned some things on this trip that I’d never realized before.

  1. Otters are cool to watch but ruin the fishing.Otter
  2. I never met a sign I didn’t want to take a photo of!Fish Sign
  3. It is possible to stand ON a geocache and not realize it.CodeWolf standing on a geocache
  4. I might think I look funny in my big hat but it’s nothing compared to how I look in a beanie!Kim in hat
  5. Most people are completely oblivious to deer standing RIGHT OFF THE TRAILDeer

Keep an eye on this week’s blog posts for more insights, tips, and tricks I learned from the trip! And, if you want to read more of my camping wisdom, check out the article Mystery Mondays: 31 Things I Learned

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