5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

It’s cold, windy, and wet across the country right now. (Or if you live in Arizona, it’s cool, knock-you-down-wind, and sunny!) No matter what your weather trend might be at the moment, winter can be doing a number on all those outdoor-loving folks out there. Here are 5 tips that will help you take a vacation from the winter blues!

5. Have a Picnic

In your living room! Break out all your favorite picnic fare and spread out a blanket in your living room. The rules are simple: no running to the kitchen for napkins or more ketchup. For an extra boost, have your picnic as close to a window as possible and surround yourself with houseplants.


Extra bonus: No bugs to share your lunch!

4. Learn Your Winter Constellations

You know your way around the summer sky like nobody’s business, but winter stars? Yeah right! Take some time to learn winter constellations. Even if it’s too cold to go stargazing outside, you can always drive to a dark spot and sit toasty warm in the car to view the stars. Just be sure to not get vehicle exhaust in the car with you!


Extra bonus: Impress your kids with stories of the constellations.

3. BBQ

The next nice afternoon, break out the barbeque (tabletop or full-size) and grill up some summer favorites: hotdogs, hamburgers, or kabobs. For the full camping-feeling, eat everything off paper plates and plastic spoons.


Extra bonus: Eat a popsicle for dessert!

2. Tell Scary Stories

Gather up some flashlights and wrap up in blankets! Then swap scary tales as if you were alongside a campfire. Not sure of which stories to share? Check out the eBook: Campfire Tales from the Chill to the Giggle. It has 15 stories that run from chilling to funny and are perfect for any audience.

Scary Story

Extra bonus: Have the whole family camp-out in the living room.

1. Start Planning Your Summer Vacation Now

EatStayPlay.com is a great resource to start planning your next trip. If you want to some other tips, do a web search for your state’s tourism bureau and then request their travel guide. From there, you can order information from state parks, National Forests, National Parks and more.


Extra bonus: Instead of waiting (and stressing) in a the few weeks before your trip, you can have weeks of happy anticipation for that first outdoor adventure of spring!

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