Site-Wide Updates Coming Soon!

In case you tried to access my blog(s) last week, you’ll have discovered that they were up and down and working and broken all week.

Okay, so they were mostly DOWN and BROKEN, but I’m trying to spin it!

After a TON of frustration, a 3 hour phone call to tech support, installing and uninstalling WordPress about a dozen times, we are FINALLY back up and running. Yeah! And while I wish that I hadn’t had to do it, at least it happened in early January instead of mid-March when I’d be so busy working in the tax office that I could hardly breathe!

I also wanted to take a moment and give you a run-down on some changes that will be heading your way for and the blogs:,,, &

What’s Been Changed So Far:

  • All new URLs for There was no way around it, unfortunately. With the break and the fix, all the permalinks are different. Please update any bookmarks you may have had.
  • New look for! In the past, this was an “Arizona camping” site as well as the blog. Now, it’s just the blog and is on the main index of (All the old links work!)
  • I’ve changed email newsletter mailing services to MailChimp.

What’s Coming Up

  • New blog at
  • New newsletter for kayaking. (Send me your ideas for both!)
  • Updated look for

That updated look for is what I’m REALLY excited about. Sometime this week, you’ll get a sneak peak with some minor changes and then in the coming weeks…

Well, let’s just say that a visual overhaul has been a long time coming!

In other news, I just wanted to remind everybody that I work full-time in my dad’s tax practice. So from now until April 18th, I might be bit slow(er) at answering emails and getting posts up. But it’ll happen!

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