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Find Your Geocache: Best Cache Containers

Best Types of Geocache Containers

I’m an “honorary” member of about a dozen geocaching groups and organizations across the country. One of the most active groups is Central Florida Area Geocachers (CFLAG) on Facebook.


This week, one of their wonderful members, trippy1976, posted a compiliation of the group’s recommended containers for Florida. But, this is a FANTASTIC list and I wanted to share it with all my geocaching friends. It’s a good guideline for containers no matter where you live!

Recommended Containers For Cache Hides in Florida

Compiled from the combined wisdom of CFLAG participants:

Field Tested

Containers that have a proven track record in Florida include:

  • ammo cans (any size)
  • match safes
  • soda bottle pre-forms
  • Lock & Locks (brand name)
  • Real Bison Design tubes

With these containers, you have a tremendous amount of diversity, allowing you to make a quality hide, in almost any environment while ensuring your cache will stand the test of the elements. Your logbook will thank you!

Things To Avoid

Any container that REQUIRES that you use a baggie to protect your log (rather than a baggie being a second line of defense). Your container should be waterproof if exposed.

Over the years, we’ve seen certain containers that are almost predestined to fail. These include, but are not limited to:

  • coffee tubs (plastic or metal)
  • imitation Bison tubes
  • Dollar Store Lock & Lock wanna bes
  • Altoids tins
  • margarine tubs
  • slim bobs
  • black & grey film cans
  • Gladware
  • cookie tins
  • hide-a-keys

Readers Weigh In:

  • Do you have any suggestions to add?
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