New Shopping Cart

I just wanted to announce that has a new shop! This is where you’ll be able to find all the cool eGuides that I write.


This is just a soft opening (since I can’t 100% guarantee that it will WORK). But I didn’t want to wait to have my readers check it out:


Shopping cart image


Right now, I have three eGuide titles available for download but more will be coming soon. At the moment, I am only accepting PayPal but I might look into other payment methods as well.


To celebrate the THREE WEEKS that it took to get the programming behind the shopping cart up and working, I’m offering a discount coupon of $2 off. (You can use it an unlimited number of times.)


The coupon is




So go check it out! And PLEASE let me know if something is broken, not what you expected, doesn’t work, etc. The coupon will work until 5/31/11.


Future updates will include more eGuides, free downloads, and maybe even REAL products. (Of course, I’d have to figure out SHIPPPING… Oh well, maybe I’ll just do the free-shipping digital downloads for now!)

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