Fun Food Fridays: BBQ Shrimp with Dill

Ah summer! I love LOVE cooking on my barbeque! I especially love it because even when I’m not camping, I’m still cooking outside.

barbequed shrimp

This is one of “Royal” Family’s favorite summer dinners.


  • Cooked, whole shrimp. Thawed. (With or without tail, up to you; I prefer without)
  • Dill weed
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Mix olive oil and dill weed in a glass bowl. Toss the shrimp in the dill/oil mixture until well coated. The longer you can let it sit, the better!

Shrimp in dill

(I don’t measure anything for this recipe, just dump it in. Dill weed is expensive in the stores but it is so good on shrimp don’t be shy about using it.)

Thread shrimp onto skewers. Metal works best since it will heat the shrimp from the inside.

shrimp on skewer

Heat the barbeque. Make sure that it is completely hot before placing the shrimp onto the barbeque. Heat until hot all the way through, turning once. I always like to brush them with any leftover dill/oil mixture.

The trick to barbequing shrimp is to just heat them up — not to COOK them! If you over cook them they get dry, tough and tasteless. Warmed shrimp get the lovely grill marks and are hot, juicy and tender.

Don’t worry if they don’t come out perfectly the first time! It takes practice!

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