Mystery Monday: Funny Campfire Story

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Exchange Rate

(A very old joke)

When America was just a new country, an Englishman went into a saloon and got to talking to a cowboy there. The Englishman offered to buy the cowboy a drink and when he pulled out his money, he showed a coin to the cowboy.

“See this likeness?” he said, pointing to the King’s head on the coin.

“Yep,” said the cowboy.

“That is His Majesty the King. He made my grandfather an Earl.”

At this, the cowboy looked at the coin and then reached into his pocket and pulled out a penny. He pointed to the Indian’s face on the coin and said, “You see this likeness?”

Indian Head Penny

“Yes,” said the Englishman.

“That, friend, is an Indian and he made my grandfather an angel.”

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