Mystery Monday: Foil Hat, Solar Eclipse, & a Mountain

People all over the world enjoyed the “Ring of Fire” eclipse yesterday, including me! ESP Boss & I were hurrying home from the Overland Expo in time to watch the eclipse with my mom.

And while we missed the exact peak of the event, AND were too far south to fully experience the “ring of fire” the whole thing was incredibly dramatic.

Tin Foil Hat

Because how can you watch an eclipse without a foil hat?


Watching the eclipse

Notice the hat hair, sun burned nose, and grimy tee? It was all worth it! (And I love how my camera made shadows across my face; totally real-life.)

We had been given special glasses to watch the eclipse with while we were at the Expo. The most dramatic part: seeing a partially eclipsed sun set behind Mary’s Mesa.


I don't have the right filter for my camera so I created this image to show what it looked like.

It’s always been on my list to see a total solar eclipse. I think this might be even better!

Readers Weigh In:

  • Did you get to see the eclipse at all? What did you think?


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