Set Your Hook: Knots

How to Tie a Snell Knot

The Snell knot allows the leader to be directly tied to a baited hook. It was originally invented for use with eyeless hooks but it is still widely used today. It aligns the fishing line or leader with the shank of the hook.

The Snell knot requires wrapping a loop around the hook. When tightening the knot, hold the turns under your fingers to ensure they snug down neatly.

1. Run the line through the eye of the hook and down the shank. Form a loop behind the eye with the line against the hook shank.

Snell Knot Step 1

2. Pass the tag end around the line and shank and through the loop at least four times. Keep runs in neat row and pull tag end to tighten turns around shank.

Snell Knot Step 2

3. Work all of the turns down the shank to the eye by pulling on the standing line. Pull alternately on tag end and standing line until snug.

Snell Knot Step 3


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