Sledding in Flagstaff

Every year, gets a TON of search traffic from people looking for the best places to go sledding in Flagstaff. It started about 4 years ago, purely by accident. That first year, Leah & I dutifully researched sledding areas and then put it up in Flagstaff.

Much to my surprise, just having that information really wasn’t enough. People were looking for ALL our sledding, skiing, and snowplay information in ONE location — preferably something they could print.A big plus of the eGuide also is that I can include really great maps of each AREA, not just driving maps. This is big. And, there are two bonus articles to help people out with planning for the snow. Especially useful for people who aren’t from Arizona’s High Country and may not know how to drive in the snow.

Well, I’m not one to ignore the demands of my users, so the Top 10 Winter Activities eGuide was launched. The best news: I just finished the 2009-2010 update for this year’s winter season. Flagstaff already has snow and is expecting more tonight and through the weekend. Plus, this year, since everybody is strapped for cash, I lowered the price from $6.95 to $4.95!

Cover for this year's guide

Cover for this year’s guide

This is an instant download ebook. Which is really nice since that means that people can get it INSTANTLY.

New this year:

GPS coordinates, a list of where NOT to go (places where you’re not allowed to go sledding), and updated maps.

You can order the eGuide at from the Store

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