Name That Pup! He has a name!

He's just begging for a name!

I am pleased to announce that my father, ESP_Boss, has FINALLY picked a name for his new puppy. And, without the excellent contest from last week, the poor pooch would STILL be nameless!

The winner of the Name That Pup Contest is:

Drum roll please

Jon B. for submitting the name ‘Sir Charles’

And, because that’s only the name for when he’s being good and wise, I’d also like to extend congratulations to

John K. for submitting the name ‘Chuck’.

Both Jon and John will get the value tee shirt of their choice from the EatStayPlay shop.

Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who helped ESP_Boss name the puppy. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Since I can’t send EVERYBODY a tee shirt, as much as I’d like to, what I can do is offer you a very special deal on outdoor cooking eGuides. What I’ve done is put BOTH the “Camp Cooking from the Pitch Your Tent/Set Your Hook Newsletter” eGuide and the “Set Your Hook – How to Catch Trout” eGuide into ONE download. I typically sell each of these eGuides individually for $5.95 but I’m offering you the COMBO for just $4.25.

In this combo eGuide, you’ll get over 80 pages filled with great outdoor cooking recipes PLUS all my tips, tricks, and hints for catching the wily trout.

And Chuck’s two siblings that also went to homes in the family? Jacque named her puppy ‘Gracie’ and Isabel named her pup ‘Boogie’.

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