Pitch Your Tent: Video

Video: Testing Camp Stoves

In the article “The Language Of Camp Stoves” I spoke about what you should be looking at to purchase a new stove. In this video, I tested three Coleman stoves head-to-head to see if the difference in BTU output actually changed how long it took each stove to boil water.

For more information about camp stoves, or to purchase any of the stoves featured in the video, please visit EatStayPlay.com/Stove

Readers’ Opinions

  • What has been your favorite camp stove?
  • What would you suggest to stay away from?
  • What advice would you give to a fellow camper if she were going to buy a new camp stove?

Video Critique

This is this the second video filmed, edited, and produced by The Outdoor Princess Productions and I’d LOVE your feed back on it. What did you like? What would we do better? Is it long enough or too long? Anything you can tell me about it will really help!

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4 Responses to “Pitch Your Tent: Video”

  • the audio seemed a little off for me. the other video was much better sound quality.

  • Kim:

    ErikaJean — Thanks for the comment! The audio quality IS a little strange. We had changed out some hardware and I don’t like it. 6 in one; half dozen the other: I was able to green screen the camp stoves video but the green screen wasn’t flat enough in the knot tying video.

  • james.bednar:

    Pretty good video, though I usually do not use stoves when camping. I usually use a small STERNO can and small contraption made for that purpose called a STERNO stove. Since it is just me camping, do much need the larger stoves.

    May be a good idea to do a video about STERNO stoves and their dangers. Been using them since my army days and don’t remember how many times I have burned myself using STERNO.

    Also STERNO can be used to start campfires with, just paste it onto some wood, light it, and place into the pile of wood.

  • Kim:

    James — I’m not familiar with a STERNO can. Are they popular? I’ll see what I can find and then maybe do a video about it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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