Set Your Hook: Video

A cinch knot is an important fishing knot. I use it all the time to attach my hook to my leader or my swivel to my line. It’s an easy knot to tie, but it isn’t really easy to explain in pictures or in words. (I know, I’ve tried both!)

Readers’ Opinions

What is the fishing knot you use the most often?

Video Critique

This is this the first video filmed, edited, and produced by The Outdoor Princess Productions and I’d LOVE your feed back on it. What did you like? What would we do better? Is it long enough or too long? Anything you can tell me about it will really help!

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4 Responses to “Set Your Hook: Video”

  • video was good. Put that green screen to use 😉

  • thatcher:

    So clear, I taught my friend to tie it, without every having tied it myself! Thanks for the spit tip.

  • james.bednar:

    Good video. Forgot how to tie this knot when attaching string to hooks. Use to teach this stuff in the army and you would figure that I would remeber.

    Now a days, I just tie aversion of this knot, but I just keep running the string around the hook until I have a big knot – nothing fancy or special but it seems to work.

    After seeing this, I’ll have to modify one of my fishing poles to this simple (you would think) knots. In the army, this knot was called the “fisher mans” knot.

    Question: what is that gy-normous purple thing on your hand?

  • Kim:

    James — That’s my Princess ring! Goes with the tiara and big earrings. Affiliate Link
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