Fun Food Fridays: Crackers For Breakfast!

I know we all go camping with graham crackers for s’mores but honestly, how many s’mores can you eat in one sitting? Camping always leaves me with extra graham crackers and here’s how I eat them.

Graham crackers are one of my favorite snacks!


  • 3-4 graham crackers
  • 1/2 cup milk

Break graham crackers into bite sized pieces and put into a bowl. Cover with cold milk and let crackers become soggy. Eat with a spoon.

This is one of my favorite summer-time breakfasts even when I’m at home! It’s perfect to eat on the back porch and enjoy the pretty summer mornings!

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3 Responses to “Fun Food Fridays: Crackers For Breakfast!”

  • Susie:

    This is how I eat graham crackers all the time! S’mores are a distant second. One of the best breakfasts I have ever had was graham crackers, milk, and fresh blueberries. YUM!

  • Kim:

    Susie —

    I’ll have to try it with blueberries! Sounds terrific!

  • Tammy:

    I LOVE eating graham crackers that way!!! YUMMY…I haven’t done it in awhile and now I’m craving it. Thanks for the reminder. Affiliate Link
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