Find Your Geocache: Event Games

What Are Geocaching Games?

Even though geocaching is a great game in and of itself, there are other “games” that can be played alongside. I’m really interested in this right now since ESP Boss & I are in charge of planning a geocaching event for Arizona’s Centennial Celebration in September.

We’re hosting a 3-day event and will be placing 25-30 new caches. Of course, there will be FTF prizes, prizes for finding the MOST new geocaches, and maybe the most miles logged in a single day of caches.

This will be a sanctioned event by the Yavapai County Centennial committee as part of the centennial celebration. And part of what the committee has been charged with (and by extension US) is to get people out exploring Yavapai County.

Personally, I’m looking for a mix of socializing and caching!

Another idea that we’ve been kicking around is to have a secondary game or games that could be played for prizes as well.

I was originally thinking of having a Poker Run but in my research, I’ve come across some other games like:

Geocaching Bingo
A bingo card is created and you check off each square based off different types of caches.

Bingo Card

This is the bingo card from the Minnesota BINGO Challenge.



My concern for geocaching bingo is that it seems really involved. Maybe it’s too involved for a 3-day event.

Geocaching Skills Test
Where you would test all the great geoskills you’ve picked up over the years. I attended an event that had a skills test, but I didn’t actually participate. Ideas?

Geo-Ice Breaker
A get-to-know-you type of game where you try to find geocachers who meet XYZ criteria.
Examples might be:

  • Don’t live in Arizona
  • Traveled over 200 miles to attend
  • Have more than 30 hides
  • Have more than 700 finds

Readers Weigh In:

  • In addition to finding caches, what games would you like to play?
  • Has anybody hosted a multi-day event? What types of activities did you offer?
  • What is geo-golf? I’ve seen the term but I don’t know what it is!


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2 Responses to “Find Your Geocache: Event Games”

  • fuzziebear3:


    The way I have heard of the BINGO game played is not that you have to complete the tasks yourself. It is a social mixer game where you have to meet someone that has completed the task, and they sign off on your card. Each cacher you meet can only sign off on one square. It might be too easy to get a line, so you can make the game a coverall to increase the challenge. At the end, those who completed their cards get a prize and/or entered into a drawing.

    Just an idea for you 🙂

  • Kim:

    @fuzziebear3 — Yeah, after I found that BINGO game I also discovered it as an ice breaker. I really LIKE it as an ice breaker. It might be a great activity for Friday evening. Thanks for the comment! Affiliate Link
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