Mystery Monday: Utah

Digger Machine

Don’t you love it when you look around and find a


Well that’s what happened to me about two weeks ago.

I’m always so proud of being a one-stop website for all your public land needs: National Forest Service, State Parks, National Parks, Campgrounds, Lakes, etc.

And then… There’s Utah.


For some reason unknown to me, poor Utah got loaded to the database AND live to the website without a single, solitary, lonely state park. Oh dear. Well, I didn’t realize this until, like I said, about two weeks ago.

Now, Sandy & I are taking steps to fix it. So, in a few days, I’ll start adding state park information to poor lonely Utah.

Wish us luck!



Who’s Sandy? She’s working this summer at ESP Boss’ tax office doing some accounting work. But she’s in between projects at the moment so she’s helping me out with some work. Yeah for Sandy!

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