Find Your Geocache: Selling Leftover Goins

Arizona Centennial Trackable Geocoins

I have had interest from geocachers who wanted to purchase the last of my Arizona Centennial Trackable Geocoins. These were made specifically for the Centennial and only 48 trackable coins were minted.

(Okay, FIFTY were minted but two are going onto a plaque for the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors. Someday.)

Of the 48, I have eight left.

I’m selling them at $25.00 each which includes priority mail shipping anywhere in the USA. (Out of country folks, sorry, I just can’t handle it!)

I made a button at PayPal that “should” keep track of the inventory. Each PayPal account can buy one coin. When the 8 are sold, they’re sold! And I’m only taking PayPal to make my life easier.

Now, all this being said, if the inventory button doesn’t work, then the first 8 buyers get the coin. Anybody else will get a refund.



The PayPal account will like to Make sure I get your correct shipping address and email address!

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