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Mystery Mondays: Meet The Baron

In true Mystery Monday fashion (meaning you never know what you’re going to get!) this week I’m not even writing about outdoor recreation.

Instead, I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of the EatStayPlay “Royal” Family.

Baron, trying to have a nap at the tax office.

Meet Baron. That would be ESP_Boss’ new puppy. He’s nine weeks old, a Labrador Australian Sheppard Mix. We’re hoping that he won’t get too big. ESP_Boss got him from a tax client on Friday, with the full blessings of The Queen Mother.

Poor pup, since then, he’s had 3 different names (Walter, Refund, and Baron) so it’s no wonder he’ll come to whatever you call him. His big trick?

Whizzing on the carpet at the tax office!

Well, I never said he was bright! But, Dad, ESP_Boss, is looking for a “bubba” dog who can go for hikes, find geocaches, and just kind of bum around with him.

I’ll keep you posted!

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