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Find Your Geocache: Centennial Event

100 Years of Statehood: Arizona’s Centennial Event

I finally have my geocaching event, “100 Years of Statehood: Arizona’s Centennial Event” published on You can find it at GC30K47

Centennial Logo

I’m still working out a few details like what type of geocaching games we’ll play, but I was at a point where I could post it to and start getting registrations!

The event is being held in Memory Park in Chino Valley. In fact, I’m off to the Town Council meeting in just a few minutes to ask the council to refund the fees we paid to rent the park for the three days. Chino Valley Parks & Rec have been hugely helpful in planning this. They’re letting us camp (not something they usually do) and are arranging so the restrooms at the park will be available throughout the weekend for cachers.

Next on my agenda, besides event promotion is to get a TON of caches ready to go out. We’ll be placing about 30 new caches for the event so I need swag and goodies to fill all those containers. I’ve contacted a local business owner who does promotional items to see if she has any “left-overs” that I could put into the caches for swag.

But, I have some questions for you guys about the caches:

  • Do you see any issues with hiding a variety of cache sizes?
  • What would be good FTF prizes? Do you think that gift cards (donated!) are too hokey?
  • Has anybody had any luck getting people to donate cache containers?
  • How much “seed” swag do you place in a container? I try to fill it up but with 30 new caches to place, I don’t know if that’s feasible!
Um, getting a bit nervous! Any help or advice is appreciated!
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