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Set Your Hook: Take Me Fishing

Take Me Fishing

Take Me Fishing

Since it’s the start of summer, I thought I’d take a moment to remind you about the great work the folks over at “Take Me Fishing” do.

I’ve been fishing and camping all my life, but I know that many readers haven’t been so fortunate, and they are coming to the great pastimes of fishing and camping later in life.

Have I told you how fantastic I think this is?

I just love it when I go to my favorite Arizona put-and-take lake, Dead Horse Ranch State Park, and see all of the families fishing. I can easily overlook the shouting kids (something that normally makes me crazy when I just want to sit back and enjoy the quiet of nature) when I see families hanging out together.

The”Take Me Fishing” website explains the allure (pun intended!) of fishing like this:

Fishing gives families a break from their hectic schedules and time to reconnect with one another. Nothing can match the memories that your family will make and the bonds that you’ll build while spending time on the water.

Father and son fishing


And nothing is better than when a state holds a Free Fishing Day where people can get out and drop line whether they do or don’t have fishing licenses. Most states hold their Free Fishing Day in June.

This is National Fishing & Boating Week. Many states have their Free Fishing Days this weekend. Find out when your state’s Free Fishing Days are this year!

If it isn’t Free Fishing Day, then all adult anglers need to have a valid fishing license. Your fishing or boating license helps sustain the sport of fishing and the environment.
Sportsmen and women help to restore and protect fish and their habitats in each state in this country by doing the things they love — fishing and boating. The purchase of state licenses supports sportfish restoration, preservation and conservation, as well as boating safety and education.

All over, in my “rules” section for each lake or river or fishable body of water, I say: “A valid fishing license is required,” because I know just how important these fees are to the state’s economy – and because being a licensed angler is the right thing to do.

The next time YOU break out your Snoopy fishing poles and containers of night crawlers, make sure that your fishing license is valid. In Arizona, anglers under 14 don’t need their own licenses as long as they are fishing with a licensed adult. That doesn’t mean that children under 14 can fish for free!

“Take Me Fishing” has a great resource for you to find out about the licensing requirements in your state.

Want to know where the best places to fish near you are? Find the answer on!

Readers Weigh In:

  • Will you be participated in National Boating & Fishing Week?

(I’m going camping, kayaking and fishing June 9-12 near Williams, AZ!)

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