The Outdoor Princess

The Outdoor Princess is the beauty behind the scenes at EatStayPlay.com. She also writes eBooks for Kindle and Nook as well as spends her time camping, fishing, geocaching and more!

The Queen Mother

The Queen Mother has been having outdoor adventures for about — ha! NOT going to tell you. Let’s just say that her first camping experience was a back-packing trip into the Grand Canyon as a new bride to ESP Boss some 30+ years ago. She’s been camping, hiking, fishing and geocaching ever since.

The Queen Mother (Rosie) is married to ESP Boss (Bruce) and is mom to The Outdoor Princess (Kim).

When not on an outdoor adventure, The Queen Mother teaches 5th grade.

ESP Boss

ESP Boss is a self-taught outdoor expert. He camps, hikes, hunts, fishes, geocaches, and is an all-around outdoor type of guy. His latest interests are kayaking (The Outdoor Princess got him started), geocaching, and archery. In fact, he got his first javalina in 20 years in 2009 with his bow.

The Outdoor Princess refused to eat any of it!

ESP Boss is married to The Queen Mother and is The Outdoor Princess’ dad.

For his “day job” he owns a large tax practice/accounting firm. (He has The Outdoor Princess help with the marketing!)


Lily is a dog. She’s a miniature Schnauzer but thinks she’s huge. She likes the outdoors and especially likes to walk in the snow or ice. This doesn’t thrill The Outdoor Princess.


Rocky is the newest addition to The Outdoor Princess’ family. He’s a rescued puppy who was about 7 weeks old mid-August 2011. He’s full of personality and excitement. ESP Boss is training him to be an office dog at MDI Taxes.

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